Affiliated Clubs

Facilities at Eaton Recreation Centre are accessed by a range of community organisations providing opportunities for people of all ages to get active and improve their health.

The Eaton Recreation Centre is home to some of the regions most highly regarded senior and junior sporting associations and clubs, including:


  Eaton Basketball Association

Eaton Basketball - Website

Eaton Basketball - Instagram

Eaton Basketball - Facebook

Eaton Basketball - Contact

South West Slammers

South West Slammers - Website

South West Slammers - NBL1 West

South West Slammers - Instagram

South West Slammers - Facebook

South West Slammers - Contact

  Eaton Netball Association

Eaton Netball - Website

Eaton Netball - Facebook

Eaton Netball - Contact

  Eaton Boomers Netball

Eaton Boomers Netball - Facebook

Eaton Boomers Netball - Contact

    South West Netball League

South West Netball League - Facebook

   Souwest Jets

Souwest Jets - Website

Souwest Jets - Facebook

Souwest Jets - Contact

Taekwondo Central

Taekwondo Central - Website

Taekwondo Central - Facebook

Taekwondo Central - Contact