Customer Feedback

Here’s what our customers are saying about Eaton Recreation Centre in 2021:

“I just want to share my feedback of how great Kristy’s Body balance class is! She is definitely one of the best instructor I’ve ever met! She always gives very clear instructions of what comes next, and gives many options for different levels” – Irene

“I would like it passed onto the cleaner/cleaners on how well the Rec Centre is presented. In particular the ladies toilet, shower and changer room facilities. Also it’s always a pleasure to enter the Centre with very accommodating and pleasant staff at the desk and kiosk.” – Sharon

“The umpires were incredible for our Tuesday night netball game. They were fair, always offering advice, helpful and friendly during every aspect of the game. We had a few new players on the team and they were patient and understanding.” – Maddi

“Just a quick shout out to my fav instructor Jackie. I love her Pump, Sprint and RPM classes. Her enthusiasm, passion and fun way of teaching I just love.” – Anon

“The room we hired was clean and comfortable and was set up for our training needs. The staff were so nice and helpful and the catered food was amazing.” – Meg (Safe Places)

“I love Grit Strength and Tabata because they are the two classes that make you work to your maximum and I also love the instructors, they make you work hard.” – Anon

“I love the place, great instructors all working hard and very fit! Thank you all for helping us get fit:-)” – Dellia

“RPM is my favourite class, because of low impact movements and yet is a great calorie-burner.  Love our instructors ,they’re the bomb :)” – Romano

“I would recommend Group Fitness at ERC because it’s great motivation to train with others to reach fitness/weight loss goals” – Anon

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