Customer Feedback

Here’s what our customers are saying about Eaton Recreation Centre in 2023:

I absolutely love and enjoy it here, the staff are kind and helpful, its like there no bad bone in any of them. The gym being 24 hours is so good, sometimes I find myself going there at 3 am. The courts are well maintained and the venues are fun. I highly recommend it here.” – Harvey

“Great gym, equipment and fantastic staff. Welcoming atmosphere” – Leon

“Clean, good atmosphere, friendly trainers, good programs and classes, creche and modern equipment, tidy gym” – Hannah

“Massive range of activities and great environment” – Kayla

"The gym is fabulous and it is with regret that I find myself unable to attend anymore." - Stacey

“I would travel to Eaton every day from town just because the Crèche at ERC is the best in the whole world! Those girls that work in there are amazing and the care and love they promise my kids is second to none.” – Erin

"Very good place to play basketball with isports! 😃🏀" - Jayden

"Being 24hr is helpful and the range of classes and times are good" - Karyn

"The gym is absolutely wonderful and if I ever found myself in the area again I would sign up again in a heartbeat. Easiest sign up process I've ever gone through, with trainers and staff who genuinely care. Thanks!" - Angela

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