A glance at the passionate crowds attending Perth Wildcats games will soon tell you that basketball is huge!

And it’s pretty huge here at Eaton Recreation Centre too.



Social Basketball is one of Eaton Recreation Centre most popular sports.

With two (2) seasons we offer Ladies and Men’s basketball competitions which run from 5.45pm

Please note: If our competitions are full, registrations will be closed for that league. Please contact us on

General Information

Season Duration:

  • Winter – April to October
  • Summer – October – April

 Nomination Fees:

  • $52.00 – New nomination
  • $31.00 – Re-occurring from last season

 Weekly Game Fee:

  • $62.00 per game

 Forfeit Fees:

  • 48 hours’ notice – Game fee only
  • 24 hours’ notice – Game fee + other team's fee
  • No Show – Game fee + Other teams fee + admin fee

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Team Registration

Sports Competition Bylaws


Basketball Affiliated Clubs

Eaton Reaction Centre is proud to be home to, Eaton Basketball Association, and the South West Slammers.

Visit our affiliated club's page