Please complete the form below if you wish to cancel your membership.  A minimum 4 week notice period applies and you can continue to use your membership during this time. A Membership Officer will email you a confirmation of receipt of your request within 48 business hours. If you don’t hear back within this time, please call the centre on 9724 0400.

Cancellation notice period


If you have an UPFRONT membership, you may be entitled to a refund of unused membership fees. Refunds can only be made via direct deposit to a nominated bank account.

Please fill in part 1 - 3 of the following form and email to to request your refund.

Form 13 - Bank account details


By submitting this online form I acknowledge that I have read and understand the following terms and conditions of cancellation.

4 weeks prior notice is required to cancel your membership and your request must be submitted in writing  
You may continue to use your membership during the 4 week notice period.  
If you wish to cancel your membership immediately, based on a permanent disability or serious illness, please put your request in writing along with a supporting letter from a medical practitioner. Please be advised that immediate cancellation will be at the discretion of ERC Management.  
Fixed term membership fee will be refunded on a pro-rata calculation for the unused portion of the membership, less the four week notice period. Refunds can only be made via direct bank deposit to your nominated account.  No refunds or credit will be given on any free/bonus days received as part of a membership promotion. Only paid membership fees will be refunded.  
Members cannot cancel their membership whilst on suspension. In order to activate the 4 week notice period, ERC reserves the right to lift the membership off the suspension period.
 Any additional terms/conditions that apply will be specified as required in the "Special Conditions" section of your membership agreement.

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