Online Form - Membership Suspension Request

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SUSPENSION:  You must nominate an end date for your suspension. We cannot accept "until further notice".  Direct debit payments will be put on hold for the duration of your suspension period and fees will be adjusted as applicable upon your return.  Members who pay upfront for their membership will have their suspension time added to their expiry date  Members may suspend their membership within a twelve (12) month period for the following time periods: 12 mth or DD Mship = min 2 weeks, max 3 months, 6mth Mship = min 2 weeks, max 2 months, 3mth Mship = min 2 weeks, max 1 month, Fit Over 50 & Youth = min 2 weeks at any one time, unlimited suspension periods.  If a valid medical certificate is provided, suspension period can be extended to a maximum of 150 days.  The membership will automatically recommence without notice on the nominated reactivation date. By submitting this online form you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Suspension outlined above.

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