RPM Virtual – 24/7

LES MILLS® RPM Virtual workouts are the audio-visual version of the live RPM cycling classes, played on a big screen with a pumping sound system. Virtual makes it easier than ever to stick to your goals with more workouts, offered at your convenience. RPM® Virtual is the indoor cycling workout where you discover your athlete within.

The benefits of Virtual

  • Access your favourite classes when it suits you, not when it suits us with the “ON DEMAND” feature – use it for “cardio day”, add it as a warm up to your gym program, use it as a go-to workout when you need a little more motivation.
  • Gives anyone new to indoor cycling a chance to gain confidence and learn the moves before stepping into a live class
  • Mix up your training to maintain motivation
  • Stop, start or pause a class as you need
  • Quality, safe instruction from the world leaders in group fitness programs
  • Participate in the privacy of our smaller fitness/cycling studio inside the gym

What is RPM?

RPM™is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and burns loads of calories.

With great music pumping and the group riding as one, you’re taken on a journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding. In an RPM workout you repeatedly reach your cardio peak then ease back down, keeping pace with the pack to lift your personal performance and boost your cardio fitness.

RPM is a great way to build up your sense of personal achievement. You can draw on the group’s energy and find your rhythm in the music. You control your own resistance levels and speed so you can build up your fitness level over time. It’s a journey, not a race!

Video – Getting started – RPM

When is it on?

Click here to view our timetable of live classes and scheduled virtual classes.  Virtual classes start automatically at the scheduled time. 

What if I can’t get to a class that’s on the timetable?

That’s the beauty of our Virtual RPM set-up!  You can start/stop a class anytime there isn’t a scheduled class.   Say you want to do a class at 2pm on a Sunday, just select from the range of RPM classes on the console, press play and you’re off and riding.  It’s very simple to use.

How often should I do RPM?

For awesome results, we recommend you do RPM 2 -3 times per week

Do I need any special cycling gear to do RPM?

RPM can be done in normal workout clothes and shoes, so no specialized cycling gear is required. Cycling shorts will make the ride more comfortable but they’re not essential.


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