Bootcamp fitness classes are intense workouts that focus on building endurance, power, strength, and speed. Participants engage in various exercises that require explosive movements to challenge their bodies. These classes push you to the limit, helping to improve your overall fitness levels. By incorporating high-intensity intervals and strength training, bootcamp classes help in boosting both physical and mental strength. Many individuals find these classes effective in enhancing their stamina and pushing past their mental and physical limits.

Key Benefits

  • Improve stamina
  • Increase strength
  • Develop explosive power

First class?

  • Arrive 5 minutes early to set up your equipment and meet your instructor
  • Common equipment needed: Step, mat, barbell, weight plates, kettlebell, dumbbells
  • Wear appropriate clothing and enclosed shoes
  • Bring a towel and water bottle
  • Be ready to have push yourself mentally and physically!