Introduction to treadmill running

New to treadmill running?   Whether you’re training for an event or just setting yourself a personal goal, we’ve got you covered with this 20 minute introductory workout that uses variations in speed to create an aerobic foundation. Training tips: Push Quick Start to get moving. For additional security, connect the safety clip to your workout
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MYZONE vs. Wrist trackers: Which is better for the gym goer?

There are loads of fitness wearables to choose from, but the question remains: Which one is best for the gym goer? As a casual gym member you run, cycle, punch, push, pull, swing, throw, hold, jump, lunge, duck, squat, lift, and balance. What do all these activities have in common? They all get your heart
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Fit Over 50 Free Trial

It’s never too late to reach your personal best No matter what your age, having strong muscles and good fitness is essential when you go about your day to day routine whether that be gardening, minding the grandkids or even climbing the stairs.   Eaton Rec Centre’s over 50’s program is here to assist people enhance their quality
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Eaton Blue Bloods

Join the Eaton Blue Bloods!

Join the Eaton Blue Bloods and support a good cause There aren’t many opportunities to save three lives by spending an hour relaxing and receiving snacks for your efforts. For many people, donating blood is both easier and more rewarding than they’d imagined and it’s even better when you do it with friends. Eaton Rec
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Get a Month Free!

We often have people join ERC because their mate who is already a member, told them about us.  Well, we thought it was about time we said “thanks for the referral” by giving members a month free for every person that joins on their recommendation* Refer your friends to join ERC and you’ll receive a month free PLUS,
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