Don’t Wait to Lose Weight

Hurry, starts 23rd April.  Register today! This 8 week challenge for ERC members and staff, is designed to motivate and educate participants on making healthier lifestyle choices in order to lose weight. Our Trainers will discuss exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep and stress levels during your weekly consults (optional) and weekly weigh-ins will help keep you accountable.
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8 week challenge starts 3rd April

An affordable alternative to having a Personal Trainer.  Get the results of PT and benefit from the support of others with similar goals The nitty gritty Maximum of 8 per session ERC Members – $249 for 8 weeks (equates to just $10.40 per session) Non Members – $359 for 8 weeks (includes 8 week full membership)
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What is Pilates?

Pilates? What is it? Why are participants raving about it and where the heck are your pelvic floor muscles?! In a nut shell…..Pilates is a gentle type of exercise that focuses on spinal alignment & mobility (better posture!), core & pelvic stabilisation (strong abdominals!), pelvic floor muscles, flexibility and stress release. Pilates was developed by
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Have your say about our Vacation Care program

You could win a 3-month ERC membership JUST for participating in this 5 minute online survey! If you’ve used our Vacation Care service, then we want your feedback to ensure we stay focused on what’s important, determine what we need to improve on and reinforce what we are doing well. Start the survey  

We’re feelin’ the LOVE!

February is the month of love and we are certainly feeling it here at ERC. We love our jobs and what makes it all the more worthwhile is when we receive great feedback from our tribe. Here are some of the comments we’ve received recently… “Katie (Fitness Centre Supervisor) helped me to completely change the
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