What is Pilates?

Pilates? What is it? Why are participants raving about it and where the heck are your pelvic floor muscles?!

In a nut shell…..Pilates is a gentle type of exercise that focuses on spinal alignment & mobility (better posture!), core & pelvic stabilisation (strong abdominals!), pelvic floor muscles, flexibility and stress release. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920‘s, and has stood the test of time due to its whole-body health benefits.

When is it on at ERC?

Thursdays 10.20-11.20am & Saturdays 9.35-10.35am

What do I bring?

A non-slip Pilates/Yoga mat – this is important for an safe & effective workout, but if you haven’t got one we have gym mats available also, a towel & water bottle

Who should participant?

Everybody! Beginners, elderly, young, injured, pregnant or athletes!

Pilates is free for ERC members but we welcome casual’s too – $18 or $13 (concession).  Crèche is also available

Who’s the Instructor?

You’re in safe hands with our highly skilled Pilates instructor Chantel, who has over 15 years teaching in the fitness industry. Chantels classes are a learning journey, whereby she not only clearly explains and demonstrates how to complete exercises but also educates the benefits of why you should. Chantel believes it’s in everyone’s best interest to be participating in some form of mind & body class (e.g. Pilates, Yoga or Body Balance – all included on our timetable).

What can I expect in a Pilates class?

Soft, quiet and relaxing background music and an interactive class whereby Chantel can mould the class to suit the participants in front of her and provide modifications to those that need them. Chantel encourages questions during the class and offers hands on instruction to encourage adjustments & provide corrections to ensure exercises are done safely and effectively. Be prepared for some deep breathing and pelvic floor activation!