Personal Trainers – who we are

Alina Gribble

I started Muay Thai/Kickboxing later in life wanting to shed baby weight and fell in love with the feeling of being fit, strong and healthy. I often utilize boxing and kicking in my  programming for clients, as well as offering one-on-one striking sessions.

I also have a huge interest in functional strength and loaded movement training, with Kettlebells and ViPR being my favourites. I love the ever-evolving nature of the fitness industry and enjoy challenging my clients with new ideas and techniques to get them moving and feeling great.

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Brooke McLean

I have always loved sport, especially  basketball and soccer. Pushing my body makes me feel ALIVE so when I found the gym I found my passion. I love helping people achieve their goals and watching them transform their body and also their mind.

You can expect to be challenged with your work outs and achieve perfect  technique while keeping it fresh and interesting.

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Brad Fry

I have a hypertrophy based training style with high intensity and frequency. What can be expected from my sessions? Nothing fancy, just movements and exercises proven to promote changes/gains. I am proficient in various training methods such as drop sets and super sets, each with my own personal variations.

I am  experienced in training around injuries and can provide safe training programs and options for my injured clients.

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Jasminde Kowalczyk

My training has evolved over the years. As a teenager I practiced competitive powerlifting, but I now favour more functional training. I have studied the prescription of exercise for woman through all three trimesters of pregnancy and post pregnancy, and benefited by being fit and healthy through my own.

I love it when new members find their passion for exercise.

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Jessica Ruland

I believe that if things work for you then let’s do that. Everyone’s ability to  complete an exercise or a program is different, therefore everyone should be catered to accordingly and this way they’ll see the best results.

What motivates me is when the clients see progress for themselves and their confidence grows.

My aim is to make sure that my  clients are working hard but also loving the  process.

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