Personal Trainers – who we are

Alina Gribble

Having first been introduced to fitness (and losing over 30kgs) through kickboxing, this is where my heart and passion still lie when it comes to training.   I love the ever-evolving nature of the fitness industry and enjoy challenging my clients with new ideas and techniques.

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Jess Ruland

Innovative equipment is what I enjoy training people with.   If things work for you then let’s do that, everyone’s ability to complete an exercise or even a whole program is different therefore everyone should be catered to accordingly to see the best results.

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Katie Moyse

I’m all about women’s empowerment and showing you that you are stronger than you think, more capable than you think and an all round badass!.

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Brad Fry

I have a hypertrophy based training style with high intensity and frequency.   What can be expected from my PT sessions? Nothing fancy, just movements and  exercises proven to promote changes/gains.

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