Group Fitness Bingo

Published on Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 2:02:00 PM

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Get excited we have a new game to play!!
This June and July at ERC you can attend classes and win prizes in our Group Fitness BINGO challenge.
It’s simple, each time you attend a class listed on the Bingo game card, you get a stamp.
When you have 5 classes stamped in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally you get to yell BINGO! and go in the draw for the fabulous prizes below:
  • 1st prize – $250 travel voucher
  • 2nd prize – $100 Sportspower voucher
  • 3rd & 4th prize – $50 ERC voucher


  • You will receive a BINGO card (free of charge) and a stamp for each class you attend, as per the back of the stamp card.
  • Once you have 5 stamps in a row on your card (Vertical, Horizontal or Diagonal), the card is entered to go in the draw
  • We will not accept multiple BINGOs on one card. One BINGO per card to go in the draw.
  • You can then collect a new card. Note there are 5 different versions of the card and therefore BINGO combinations will be different on each.
  • You may work off multiple cards if you wish, but you will only receive 1 stamp per attended class unless promoted otherwise
  • Stamps are not transferrable from one card to another.
  • You must put you name and member number on the card to be in the draw.
  • Participants are eligible for one prize only
  • Throughout the promotion we will have bonus stamp opportunities which will be promoted via social media and in centre
  • Prize draw will take place Monday 1st August 2022

There is no limit to entries. The more BINGOs you collect, the more entries you’ll have in the draw.

Let’s go for BINGO !!

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