New Timetable Starts 1st October



Have you felt it lately? That fabulous vibe of our ERC tribe coming together to make the most of the group effect, encouraging and motivating each other whilst training bodies and minds.

Over the past few weeks our Group Fitness team have been combining their expertise of all things group exercise with their knowledge of our ERC tribe’s participation habits to develop a timetable of classes that will:

  • Provide variety for our existing participants whilst encouraging newbies to come and share our love of Group Fitness
  • Encourage participants to find balance in their Group Fitness training across the week
  • Incorporate some of the best Group Fitness leaders in the South West
  • Introduce our members to new programs trending across the Australian Fitness industry
  • Provide choice and options for everyone, regardless of where you are in your health and fitness journey

Whilst somethings will change, a lot will stay the same. Our classes that have stood the test of time and continue be packed with participants will remain stable. The quality of teaching you have come to expect from our professional team of instructors will continue. The community culture that exists within our ERC tribe will be as strong as ever.

We know change can be daunting but the fear of change is also one of the greatest inhibitors of success.  Let’s change together!  #onetribe #proudtobeERC

Click here to view the new timetable commencing Tuesday 1st October