Meet your Group Fitness team

At ERC we’re lucky enough to have some of the most popular Group Fitness instructors in the region.   Our team put their heart and soul into their classes to make sure participants get the most motivating, challenging and effective workout possible.   They are an inspirational bunch who love what they do!

Instructor:  Sarah Mourdant
Position:  Group Fitness Team Leader

Sarah is one of our original group fitness instructors and has been a part of so many of our ERC members’ fitness journeys.  More recently Sarah was appointed Group Fitness Team Leader.  Sarah is a master at her craft which covers Bodypump (man, this girl can lift) and the hard-core high intensity classes of Bodyattack and Grit, to the mind/body magic of Bodybalance.  In between these extremes, Sarah has instructed the dance – inspired Bodyjam,  and also worked as a Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor.  More recently, Sarah had her second child and became a Kanga Training Instructor specialising in postnatal mother and baby fitness classes.  We are so lucky to have someone of Sarah’s calibre on our ERC team!  Read more about Sarah…

Instructor:  Chantel Brown
Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

In addition to Pilates, Chantel is also an instructor of Bodypump, Bodyattack, Bodycombat and Spin cycling and has worked in the industry for the past 13 years.  Chantel has a fantastic ability to educate as well as instruct – by participating in her classes you are not only strengthening your body, you will also develop a solid understanding of the how’s and why’s of each movement.  Chantel’s strength and flexibility is also a sight to behold.  Read more about Chantel…

Instructor:  Katie Moyse
Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

Katie is a ray of sunshine and despite being a hard task master, you can’t help but like her.  As well as being extremely knowledgeable when it comes to functional movements, strength training and general wellness Katie is very relatable – she’s been pregnant, she’s been a tired new mum and she’s run her own business.    Katie will keep it real and support you all the way.    Read more about Katie….

Instructor:  Jaime Hughes

Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

Jaime’s love of group fitness shines when she puts on the microphone and leads her tribe through a heart-pumping Bodyattack class or a high intensity GRIT workout.  With her passion for fitness, amazing strength and fantastic technique it seemed like a natural progression from participant to instructor for Jaime.  Despite being fairly new to instructing, Jaime has hit the ground running (and squatting and jumping).  If it’s not at the front of a GRIT class, you might have Jaime putting you through your paces in Metafit or Bodystep.       Read more about Jaime…

Instructor:  Andrew Haywood

Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

Andrew joined ERC as a member back in 2008 and was a regular participant of Group Fitness classes.  When our RPM room was constructed in 2013, we approached Andrew to see if he would be interested in doing the training to become an RPM instructor.  Lucky for us, Andrew jumped at the chance and he’s never looked back.   With his natural ability to connect with people, Andrew has been instrumental in developing the RPM program here at ERC.  His classes are always challenging but they’re fun and light-hearted at the same time – keep an ear out for his RPM Choir belting out tunes during the Monday and Wednesday night classes.   Read more about Andrew…

Instructor:  Jackie Kampen
Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

Jackie’s first introduction to the world of Group Fitness instruction was with Bodycombat in 2013.  Since then, she has gone on to complete her Bodycombat and Bodypump Advanced Instructor Module 1 and more recently, her RPM initial instructor training.  As well as being physically strong, Jackie’s strength is also in her people skills – especially her ability to relate to and interact with her participants.  She’s been in their shoes and she knows what it’s like.  Bodypump is always a great starter program for newcomers to Group Fitness and Jackie will certainly make you feel comfortable and get you off to a great start on your fitness journey.                     Read more about Jackie…

Instructor:  Mel JarredMel Jarred (1)
Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

Two words come to mind when you meet Mel – high energy!  And that’s what you get in all of her classes.  Mel’s athletic ability is nothing short of inspiring – you should see her fly in Bodystep Athletic.  She lives and breathes health and fitness and her passion shines through in all of her classes.  Since making the step from participant to instructor in 2012, Mel has continued to thrive and has become one of the powerhouse instructors of the local industry.  Her own experiences with fitness modelling, sports nutrition and HIIT training combined with her gentle approachable nature has made Mel a popular instructor at ERC.  Read more about Mel…

Instructor:  Kristie Pyke
Position:  Group Fitness Instructor

Kristie is another new edition to the ERC Group Fitness team but she has been at the helm of Group Fitness classes for the past 4 years.   As a Bodystep and Bodybalance instructor, Kristie has that awesome combination of athletic ability, flexibility and strength.  To go from fast paced, higher intensity Bodystep classes to the calm, controlled flowing movements of Bodybalance is testament to Kristie’s diversity as an instructor.  Read more about Kristie…


Instructor:  Debra Rodden
Position:  Yoga Instructor

Deb has turned her passion into her profession.  Having spent the past 4 years as a student learning the art of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, Deb is now teaching others how to apply the mental clarity, calmness and strength Yoga provides, to every day life.   Read more about Debra…


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