Join our ERC team for two awesome events

Extra motivation and a head start to your summer physique – it’s a win win!

If you’re in a winter slump like a lot of us, join our ERC teams for the Surf to Surf Fun Run or the Great Cycle Challenge Australia and together we’ll kickstart your mojo just in time for summer.

Surf to Surf Fun Run

Sunday 13th October 2019

  • ERC team name:  Eaton Wreckers
  • Choose from a 5km walk  |  5km run  |  10km run  |21.1km half marathon
  • Join our FREE Conditioning Class on Thursday’s 9am where we focus on conditioning the legs and lungs to increase your pace and distance
  • Our resident running guru Katie (in the gym) can tailor a program for you to help improve your glute power, speed, flexibility and mobility.
  • Click here to register with the Eaton Wreckers for the Surf to Surf Fun Run

Great Cycle Challenge Australia

Whole month of October 2019

Challenge yourself to ride this October and clock your kilometres in the 2019 Great Cycle spin bike challenge!
  • ERC team name:  Eaton Cycle Stars
  • Pedal with your regular RPM class
  • Do a few extra virtual RPM classes
  • Or hit the road if that’s your thing
  • Join us for some extra group RPM rides throughout October
  • Fundraise if you want to….it’s not compulsory but you’d be very surprised how many people are keen to support you!  It’s very little effort to fundraise and its all done online.
  • Set yourself a target of kilometres for the month of October (you can change it any time throughout the challenge).
  • Log your kilometres in your online profile and they all contribute to our team total.

If you’re using a spin bike for this challenge, use the following conversion chart as a guide for recording your kilometres:

Duration Effective distance
15 minutes 7.5 kilometres
30 minutes 15 kilometres
45 minutes 22.5 kilometres
60 minutes 30 kilometres
Click here to register and join the ERC Cycle Stars – it’s free to enter!