Online Form - THURSDAY ORDER FORM - Glen Huon Canteen

Glen Huon Canteen Orders.

  • Orders can be made for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's only.
  • All transactions are managed through a secured payment gateway
  • Payments will be processed on the day of order or next working business day
  • All orders will need to be made by no later then 8am. If you have any changes or requests please contact us on or 97240 400.
  • As orders are for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only please ensure you are completing the correct form.
  • Anywhere on the menu where it states ‘Salad’ – please note this consists of Lettuce, Carrot, Tomato, Cucumber and Cheese.
  • Students collect their lunch orders through the School Canteen

 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


ERC Cafe Team

Thursday Lunch Special - Chicken Tender Roll with BBQ Sauce
Thursday Lunch Special - Meat Pie
Thursday Lunch Special - Hot Dog with Tomato Sauce
Pizza - Ham & Cheese
Pizza - Ham & Pineapple
Burger - Hamburger & Salad
Burger - Chicken & Salad
Sandwich - Ham & Salad
Sandwich - Curried Egg & Lettuce
Sandwich - Salad
Rolls - Chicken and Salad
Rolls - Ham and Salad
Rolls - Curried Egg & Lettuce
Wrap - Ham & Salad
Wrap - Chicken & Salad
Wrap - Chicken Tender & Salad
Toastie - Ham & Cheese
Toastie - Ham, Cheese & Tomato
Toastie - Chicken, Cheese & Mayo
Pasta - Spag Bol
Pasta - Mac N Cheese
Hot Roll - Chicken & Mayo
Drink - Strawberry Milk
Drink - Choc Milk
Drink - Banana Milk
Drink - 600ml Water
By checking this box, I authorise the payment to be debited from the order above *