Membership FAQs

How do I become  Member?question mark sml

You can sign up online or in person at the centre.  There is a bit of paperwork so we need you to come in and see us so we can show you around, issue your access wrist band and complete the necessary forms.  Please allow up to 30 minutes for sign up because you will need to complete a short safety induction prior to your access band being issued. Our Membership Consultants are available:

  • Monday – Friday  9am – 12.00pm  and
  • Monday – Thursday 3.30pm – 7.00pm

Appointments are recommended.  If you can’t make it in during these times, please call 9724 0400 or email us to arrange an alternative time.

Save time, sign up online – this allows you to do all the boring stuff (paperwork) when it suits you.  But we still need you to meet with our Membership Consultant for a short 10 minute safety induction and to be issued with your access band.  Once you’ve completed the online sign up, give us a call we’ll make a time to get you in.

What is the minimum age to become a member?

Persons aged 16 years and older may purchase a standard (unrestricted) membership.   We have Youth Membership  option for 14 – 16 year olds which allows access to the gym and certain group fitness classes at specified times.  Some group fitness classes may be attended by 14 and 15 year olds – please see our group fitness timetable for details.

I used to be a member at ERC.  Do I have to pay the joining fee again?

The joining fee can only be waived if it’s 4 weeks or less since you held a membership at ERC.

How do I cancel my membership?

We need 4 weeks prior notice of your intent to cancel.  Your request to cancel must be received in writing on a Membership Cancellation Form

Is there a cancellation fee?

No cancellation fees apply.

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes, you can suspend your membership for the following periods at no charge: 12 mth M’ship – minimum 2 weeks, maximum 4 weeks 6 mth M’ship – 2 weeks (to be taken in one block) 3 mth M’ship – 1 week (to be taken in one block) 1 mth M’ship – no suspension available.

Suspension requests must be submitted in writing on a Membership Suspension form in advance. Suspensions cannot be back-dated.

Can I transfer my membership?

Yes, you can transfer your membership. A transfer fee of $20 is required together with a completed transfer form.

Can a friend use my membership access band while I’m on holidays?

Membership access bands are allocated to an individual and cannot be shared. Allowing another person to use your membership access band at any time is a breach of the terms and conditions of membership and may result in your membership being cancelled.

What if I lose my membership access band?

If you lose your membership access band, we can re-issue a new one at a cost of $20.

Enquire about Memberships

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