Cardio Equipment

Cardio equipment

Precor cardio equipment

We really like to talk up our Precor range of  cardio equipment.

And with good reason. We believe it stands out from other brands because of these four things:

  • The range of equipment available
  • Functionality
  • Technology
  • Ease of use

Plus with Preva software, the features and functionality are continually evolving and being updated.

Stay motivated and entertained by personalising your workout, setting goals, tracking progress and accessing online content.

Our Precor range of cardio equipment includes:

  • 8 Precor Treadmills
  • 3 Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers
  • 3 Precor Cross trainers
  • 2 Matrix Climbmills
  • 3 Water rowers
  • 3 Precor Upright bikes
  • 3 Precor Recumbent bikes