ERC Revitalisation Project

ERC Peer Review and Concept Design Plans were endorsed by council recently as a Master Plan, progressing forward with future facility developments for Eaton Recreation Centre.

The Eaton Recreation Centre Review provides a broad design summary, associated drawings and costings which have been developed in order to provide the Shire of Dardanup with a wide range of options to plan for future re-development at the Eaton Recreation Centre.

The Eaton Recreation Centre Review outlines the following key principal design intents which can be delivered in a staged approach to achieve the Shire of Dardanup’s vision of ‘providing a diverse and affordable range of sport and recreational opportunities to all members of our community to enable residents to be active and healthy in a safe, friendly and positive social environment’:

  • Linked Old and New: A new enclosed two (2) court (FIBA standard) facility and associated support spaces connected to the existing centre via an expanded and inviting new glazed link.
  • A Renewed and Invigorated Identity: A renewed and invigorated identity and expansion of the gym and fitness facilities.
  • Refreshed Interiors: A refreshed, refurbished and replanned interior of support facilities.
  • Creative Customer Focused Public Spaces: A new, creative and customer focused refurbishment of public spaces and the café and primary a primary focus on membership services.
  • Community Focused Spaces: The transformation of the crèche, new vibrant vacation care centre and a warm and inviting central courtyard focussed on community.
  • Increased Commercial Opportunities: The establishment of new facilities which create commercial opportunities.
  • Legibility: The upgrade and general refurbishment of internal and external spaces including all toilet and change facilities.
  • Amenity: The making of accessible and serviceable areas for building access, waste, AC and service compounds
  • Parking and Traffic: Rationalisation of parking and traffic flow and an increase in parking for the future.
  • Upgraded Services: Ensuring services are upgraded as required.
  • Identity, Branding and Wayfinding: Creating a new refreshed identity, branding, way finding strategy and presence in the community.
  • Flexible Staging: Flexible approaches to staging potentials.

Read the full peer review, brief and concept