Here’s what our customers are saying about Eaton Recreation Centre:

“Just want to again say how awesome Kellyanne is, finally a fitness instructor that really cares about the individual…even in a class setting! Love Eaton, I live in Kingston but chose to come to Eaton because it suits my needs and love the class timetable” – Jemma

“My favourite classes are Tabata and Cardio Rev because I don’t have to keep up with co-ordinated moves, I can go my own pace”  – Moya

“I love Grit Strength and Tabata because they are the two classes that make you work to your maximum and I also love the instructors, they make you work hard.” – Anon

“I think you do really well in your customer service and it’s greatly appreciated. I also wanted to mention GRIT Strength is great too and Ness is an excellent instructor. I love the fact that this class is only 30 mins of high intensity, which is needed in today’s busy lifestyle” – Anne

“Love coming to aerobics. Keep up the great facility with the helpful friendly staff” – Dana

“Keep up the good work 🙂 always feel welcome. Your morning staff Nichole, she is just awsome, always friendly” – Louise

“I love the place, great instructors all working hard and very fit! Thank you all for helping us get fit:-)” – Dellia

“RPM is my favourite class, because of low impact movements and yet is a great calorie-burner.  Love our instructors ,they’re the bomb :)” – Romano

“I would recommend Group Fitness at ERC because it’s great motivation to train with others to reach fitness/weightloss goals” – Anon

“I sometimes need motivation so having instructors that make the class fun and push me to my limits is what I look for and love!” – Fatima

“Instructors are fantastic and classes are on at reasonable times” – Michelle

“Fantastic instructors, good class sizes, spacious facility and friendly staff and members” – Clancy

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