Vacation Care

ERC’s Vacation Care is a licensed care service and is run by consistent, dedicated and qualified staff through each school holidays.

Our program ensures that we have a mixture of activities to cater for the diversity of children in our care. Emphasis is placed on our service being ‘child focused’ – this means children get to have a say in what activities they do. We have many physical, social, cognitive, quiet activities including days out of the centre and visiting guests.


  • School holidays – Monday to Friday from 7.45am to 5.45pm.
  • Pupil free days – 7.45am to 5.45pm  (this does not include stand alone pupil free days when in the middle of term)
  • Closed on public holidays


Our Vacation Care is linked to a secure online portfolio system called Educa, this is where families can see their child’s learning, including photos, stories and news through the internet.

Further information on this can be found at: Educa+For+Parents

Child Care Subsidy (This replaces child care benefit and child care rebate as from 2nd July 2018)

  • Eligible families can claim Child Care Subsidy off their fees.
  • Families not currently registered for CCS can do so by phoning the Family Assistance Office on: 136 150 or visit the Family Assistance website

Changes to CCB and CCR:

From July 2nd 2018 the Government has changed child care benefits and rebates. They have combined the 2 payments into 1 and calling it Child Care Subsidy (CCS). To find out more information and also give you an estimate of new subsidies for your family please follow this link:

  • Minimum: A child must be enrolled in Pre-Primary and have turned 5 years of age
  • What is considered enrolled at the start of the year? – A child can attend in the January school holidays of the year they are enrolled in Pre-Primary, even though they may not have attended school yet, as long as they have already turned 5 years old.
  • Maximum: We cater for children in Primary School from Pre-Primary to year 6; occasionally a child may be deemed to be too old to attend at 11 – 12 years old, this is dependent on their level of maturity; once a child has reached year 7, or has turned 12 years old, the service will determine whether the child can still attend.


To enrol your child/children, we will require an enrolment form for each child to be completed on-line prior to attendance.

This can be done using the ‘Register button’ through ‘My Family lounge’ located on the right hand column of this page, please follow instructions listed below this button.


Once enrolment forms have been submitted and completed, you will be able to book using our online system called; My Family lounge.

This is a very simple task and can be done via a phone app where you can book days, cancel days and add any extra days needed*

Our Bookings become available at the same time our program of activities comes out, this is usually around 3 weeks prior to each school holidays.

*Bookings are subject to availability and cancellations require a minimum of 7 days