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Fear of commitment is no longer an excuse

No minimum join period and no cancellation fees EVER!

Many gyms charge “early cancellation fees” for anyone  wanting to cancel their memberships.  The belief is that by asking members to commit to a long term membership (usually at least 12 months), it would be better for business (cash flow) and encourages the member to use their membership in order to get their monies worth.

Hey, we had that mindset too – until recently when we started to change our way of thinking, just as people’s individual circumstances change. We get it now!  So we’re changing the way we do things at ERC and cancelling our cancellation fees!

We believe the onus is on US to retain YOU as a customer and we plan to do just that with competitive membership rates, excellent customer service, great facilties and programs, and flexible membership options.

You are Free to Cancel Anytime

The minimum 12 month joining period will no longer apply to anyone joining ERC after 6th May 2018.  If you need to cancel, you are free to do so at any time without fear of being charge a cancellation fee.   No cancellation fee means exactly that, you will not pay an early-termination fee or some other fee to end your membership with us.  The only obligation you will have should you decide to cancel your membership is to provide us with 4 weeks prior written notice of your intent – and its just a simple form to fill out for that.

If You Have Not Yet Made Up Your Mind and You Are Still Shopping Around For a Gym/Fitness Membership

Be cautious, not all fitness facilities offer $0 cancellation fees and there are often extra costs that aren’t immediately obvious.  Be sure to check the following while doing your reseach:

  • What cancellation fees apply if you don’t meet the minimum commitment period?
  • Is the membership agreement an ongoing agreement or will it expire on a specified date ?
  • Do I have to pay additional fees for an access device?
  • Do I have to pay extra for a Trainer to write a personalised program for me.

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