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8 weeks to great results – Starts 23rd July

” I had a workout program written for me but couldn’ t motivate myself to do it , so I signed up for Small Group Personal Training. My trainer pushes me far harder than I push myself and because of that , I am so much fitter and my mind and body is so much stronger and healthier . I started from the bottom now I’m ready to sign up for my third block of 8 weeks ! ” – Ebony

The nitty gritty

  • 3 training sessions per week – 6am Mon, Wed and Fri
  • ERC Members – $249 for 8 weeks (equates to just $10.40 per session)
  • Non Members – $359 for 8 weeks (includes 8 week full membership)
  • Upfront and direct debit payment options available – Direct debit is 4 equal fortnightly payments
  • Starts Monday 23rd July- 14th Sept 2018 (public holiday sessions will be rescheduled)

6.00am Mon, Wed, Fri – Metabolic Conditioning

Weights and exercises designed to create a metabolic response that burns more calories (during and after each session), increases fitness, muscle and strength.  Workouts are fun and different every session.

Small group = BIG benefits

  • You’re a part of the pack without getting lost in the crowd
  • Lift your accountability to exercise, with a genuine team approach
  • Hands on guidance and attention from an expert trainer
  • Be part of a fun, social way to exercise and meet other like-minded members
  • Be motivated by each other’s performance and improve your own results.

Your trainers are Katie and Alina

Sign me up for the 8 week Small Group Personal Training, I'm ready to get results!

  • Required for correspondance
  • Required for confirmation
  • Select one payment option
  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF REGISTRATION: No refunds or make up sessions available. A refund may be issued for medical reasons upon presentation of a doctor's letter. A minimum of 4 registered participants is required to run a session. If a session is cancelled due to insufficient registrations you will receive a full refund or the option to select another session. Where possible, the same Trainer will run the same session for the duration of the Challenge. Trainers my be subject to change without notice. If a session is cancelled due to inclement weather or trainer unavailability, participants will be notified and the session will be rescheduled. Each participant must complete a Stage 1 Pre-exercise Health Questionnaire before participating in the sessions.

Crèche changes – starting 1st July 2018

Our crèche is undergoing a few procedural changes which we’re sure will make it more convenience and affordable for our members.  If you are one of our fabulous families who use the crèche, these changes will affect you.


For your convenience, crèche bookings can now ONLY be made online via our website.  Here’s what you need to do in order to book crèche online:

  1. Create an account – click here to begin.
  2. Purchase crèche credits from our reception – in person or over the phone using a credit card
  3. Log into your account and make your booking up to 14 days in advance.

View our Booking Policy

If you require any assistance with your online crèche bookings, please don’t hesitate to contact us



We understand that the cost of child care on top of your membership fees can be a financial burden for many, which is why we’ve reduced our member crèche fees to $2 per child, per 1.5 hr session*.

ERC Members 1 session/credit $3 (up to 1.5 hours)
10 sessions/credits *$20 (up to 1.5 hours)
Non-members 1 session/credit $3 (up to 1.5 hours)


Despite our best efforts to encourage use of the evening crèche, unfortunately the demand just wasn’t there.  So the bad news is our Monday evening crèche is no longer available but the good news we’ll be opening every Saturday morning from now on – even during school holidays!! 

Monday to Friday 8.45am – 11.45am
Saturday 7.45am – 10.45am
Public Holidays Closed


Change always takes a bit of getting used to, but we’re confident you’ll find the online booking system more convenient, and the reduced crèche fees less of a financial burden.    We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you and your little ones in the crèche soon.

Ladies, we need you!

Get the girls together for Friday morning Ladies Social netball.  Finish off the week with a few giggles, a bit of exercise and a coffee afterwards.   Crèche and café available.

Email your interest or questions to our Sports Coordinator Wills, at or phone 9724 1400

Sweatiquette – The guide to good gym manners

Anyone who attends the gym regularly knows there are some unwritten rules that everyone should abide by – bring a sweat towel, wipe down equipment after use, don’t hog the machines…basically, use common sense and respect others.

However, some people at the gym will always falter in the manners department and some new gym goers just may not be aware of the do’s and don’ts of using a gym.  So we’ve put together a little etiquette guide so that everyone can work out in harmony.

Keeping it clean

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a machine only to find wet patches of someone else’s sweat.  A quick wipe with your towel (which you should always have with you) or even better, a spray and wipe with the disinfectant and paper towels readily available in the gym.

Re-rack your weights

Some of our gym goers have some impressive weights stacked onto the machines – which is admirable.  But not everyone can or should have to, put those heavy weight plates away because you’ve forgotten to or (gasp) couldn’t be bothered.

Waiting your turn

During peak times, chances are you might have to wait for others to finish their reps before using certain pieces of equipment.  But hovering close by someone as they are engrossed in their workout can be one of the most annoying things you can do.   On the other hand, it’s important not to use equipment as a rest station (especially if you’re on your phone).  If you’re not actively using the equipment, move off so someone else can.  If in doubt, there is nothing wrong with politely asking someone if they have many sets to go or even if you can alternate sets and rest breaks.  Being polite is the key!

Making friends

Most people are happy to make friendly small talk but just be aware that if someone is exhibiting clear signals that they don’t want to engage in conversation, for example if they’re listening to music or appear very focussed, it would be best to leave them alone, no matter how friendly your intentions.  We’re all time poor these days and some days gym users just need to get in, get their workout done and head out – it’s probably not personal if they aren’t keen to chat.

Not everyone likes your music

Music makes workout’s more bearable but what isn’t pleasant is having another gym user blasting their tunes out of a Bluetooth speaker for all to hear (and it’s usually turned up loud enough to drown out the in-house music system).  Headphones are the considerate way to enjoy your style of music without inflicting it on others.

Don’t be selfie-centred

If you can’t go to the gym without updating your Instagram or facebook account, make sure you don’t accidentally snap any unsuspecting people in the background.  Not everyone wants to be photographed while they’re working up a sweat.

Body odour is offensive

The gym is a sweaty place, there’s no avoiding it.  But we can all make it more bearable by simply wearing deodorant.