Fit Over 50

No matter what your age, having strong muscles and good fitness is essential when you go about your daily routine. Our over 50’s program is here to assist people with enhancing their quality of life through functional training in a fun and social atmosphere.   Our qualified trainers will make sure that you progress at an appropriate rate in a safe and encouraging environment. Physical benefits include:

  • Improved balance and reduced risk of falls
  • Improved mental well being
  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • Improved ability to recover from lower back pain
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Management of diabetes
  • Increase bone density
  • Manage cholesterol levels
  • Improved ability to undertake activities of daily living and maintain an independent lifestyle.

Eaton Recreation Centre is for everyone and we’d love nothing more than to help you make positive changes in your strength and general well being.

When are the sessions?

Day Time Session
Monday 10.30am


Functional Fitness Circuit


Tuesday 10.30am




Wednesday 10.30am


Functional Fitness Circuit


Thursday 10.30am




Friday 8.00am



Functional Fitness Circuit

Saturday 9.30am Yoga

Functional Fitness circuit: Lead by our qualified trainers for guidance and motivation, this circuit includes strength, stability and cardio exercises to keep you mobile and active in your daily living.  Functional exercises replicate everyday movements and we incorporate weights, bands, balls and body weight for resistance.

Bodybalance: The Yoga, Tai-chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength leaving you feeling centred and calm. Improves posture, core strength and balance. Options available for all levels.

Pilates: Focuses on spinal alignment (better posture), core & pelvic stabilization (strong abs), stress release and flexibility. The majority of the class is done on the floor so please bring a yoga mat and towel. Suitable for both beginners/advanced as modifications & variations are coached.

Yoga: A gentle, slower-paced stretching-focused class with some basic breathing exercises and meditation at the end.   The perfect class to work on your alignment, learn relaxation techniques and become comfortable with Yoga while building strength and flexibility.  Yoga styles vary from Vinyasa Flow to Yin.  Suitable for beginners and experienced Yogi’s.

How much does it cost?


  • Exercise session* $9.00 per session
  • Casual gym workout^  $18 or $13 (concession)

* Exercise sessions as per Fit Over 50 timetable

^ Casual gym workout during staffed hours only


Direct Debit Ongoing $26.68 per fortnight*
 12 months  $668 upfront
 6 months  $402.40 upfront only
 3 months  $240.80 upfront only
 1 month  $90.40 upfront only
Joining Fee $45 once off

* No minimum join period and no cancellation fees EVER



12 months – $50

Available to any Shire of Dardanup resident aged 80 years or older


What does my Membership include?

  • Unlimited access to all supervised exercise sessions (as per Fit Over 50 timetable)
  • Access to the gym during off-peak times:  10am – 4pm everyday
  • A health profile and customised workout program every 6-8 weeks
  • Free, unlimited membership suspensions
  • Free tea/coffee after each Over 50’s session
  • Support from our in-house Member Consultant



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